We are committed to making a better tomorrow; Healthier &  Safer with Sustainable use of our natural resources! Join us in building a responsible future for our Plant Earth that creates harmony  between humanity and habitat!

Stuff-Estate Sales


 Vehicles, RVs, Art, Jewelry and stuff are all welcome donations! We'll Sell it, Use it or Find it a new home. Participate in creating & living in a cleaner more thoughtful society. Reduce Recycle Reuse

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Auto Monthly Donation

Committed to REAL change and a healthy plant for your children and grandchildren? Monthly contributions in any amount assure a growing influence and permanent change in building a healthy, thriving and more peaceful humanity and habitat!

1x Donation

All donations are appreciated and give great value towards helping achieve a better living environment for all - Now and for our future!

Rural Land

Not  every piece of land needs developing! Help create and support our ongoing hands on educational natural, sustainable local farming projects. Learn more here...

Urban Buildings/Lots


 The success of Green Building Design in our urban setting is critical for achieving a healthier balance for both humanity and habitat. Learn more here...


Get involved-Be part the change! No matter what your interests, skills, or schedule, you can help. Volunteering is a great way to expand your knowledge and give back to your community, meet new people, and share your love of our earth's natural riches with others. Volunteers are an important resource to assist in our mission.